We make art happen.

In the process, mistakes are made.

We try again.

We make mistakes again.

And then, art happens.

Platform for Artistic Intervention

We are a platform for artistic intervention based in Lisbon, created by Lara Seixo Rodrigues in 2014, which fosters the production and promotion of Contemporary Art exercises and projects, in all its expressions. Our objectives are: the reinforcement of critical perspectives, through the integration of heterogeneous audiences; the exploration of new ways of producing content; the creation of artistic products that add social, cultural, tourist and/or economic value at a local, national and worldwide scale.

Consulting / Curatorship / Production

We provide consulting, curatorial and production services to respond to the growing and increasingly diversified demand for new artistic experiences. We promote partnerships between different sectors, entities and actors, and establish networks between creators, cultural agents, exhibition spaces and localities. The result of this collaborative spirit is expressed in such varied and unique formats as public art events, exhibitions, art residencies, workshops, brand activations, new sensory experiences and other mistakes that may come along.